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[freehaven-dev] Call for comments: IHW paper on mixnet reputations

The preproceedings version of the Info-Hiding Workshop paper is due
Thursday. We have a draft up, and would love to get some comments on
it. Ideally you should get your comments in by tomorrow evening, else
Thursday morning.

Look at your favorite of


We describe a design for a reputation system that increases the
reliability and thus efficiency of remailer services. Our reputation
system uses a MIX-net in which MIXes give receipts for intermediate
messages. Together with a set of witnesses, these receipts allow
senders to verify the correctness of each MIX and prove misbehavior to
the witnesses. We suggest a simple model and metric for evaluating the
reliability of a MIX-net, and show that our reputation system improves
over randomly picking MIX paths.