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[freehaven-dev] Searching Free Haven

I've read some of the documentation at freehaven.net, but haven't found
a proposal how to SEARCH free haven.

Optimal would be a distributed search architecture, i.e. every search
node knows every free haven document (=> exhaustive search possible!)
and may trade a search request (=> balance search load).

A client can lookup a regular expresion and the server ansewers with
a list of URNs and samples, e.g. nothing, a thumbnail or 5 seconds of
sound or video.

Further, I want to suggest to incoporate caching into free haven. As
long as a server has free free haven storage, it should use it for caching.
This may be triggered by a second fetch request of the same document in
a given time span. Maybe it is only requested for caching with some (low)
probability. (e.g.: if (rand () > 0.8) cachit (); )