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Re: [freehaven-dev] request for comments: P2P east submission

On Fri, 30 Mar 2001, Roger Dingledine wrote:

> I've been sitting on this for a week or two now. I wrote it but never
> sent it. Comments appreciated. Feel free to suggest other topics
> (ideally with an abstract ;) that we should include in the mail.

This talk may not be appropriate for P2P east, but it seems like it should
appear somewhere.

"Why and How To Run A Remailer - And What To Expect If You Do" 

(not just a remailer, but any sort of anon service. Tarzan, freedom, a web
proxy, whatever)

	* what's an anon remailer, MIX, or proxy 
	* why they're good things
	* why we need more of them running
	* what remailers, proxies, MIXes exist as running code
		- Mixmaster
		- Freedom
		- Web proxies
	* what you need to run one 
		- a stable, reliable connection
		- a really nice ISP 
	* how to announce your new remailer
		- remops mailing list
		- alt.privacy.anon.server
	* what to expect if you do run one
		- abuse issues
		- filtering issues
		- legal issues (if we can figure out what they are 
				- maybe contact Harvey Silverglate's
				law firm for help on this one?) 
		- DoS attacks on you and your ISP 
		- spambaiting, etc. - as in the Mazieres-Kaashoek paper. 

The goal - give a realistic appraisal of what it takes to run a reliable
remailer and convince the audience to think about trying it. At the same
time, discourage people from doing it lightly - avoid one-week remailers.