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[freehaven-dev] [hannes@ICSI.Berkeley.EDU: Re: WShAnon: Free Haven Project submission]

Sounds like we want to write two papers here. The abstracts will be
pretty easy to come up with: I'm basically going to separate the mail
that I sent Hannes into two chunks, and call each of them an abstract.

Coming up with the 'short paper' for Free Haven by the end of June
shouldn't be that tough. But coming up with any more substantive
material on defining anonymity is going to take more than I can do
by myself. Who wants to commit to helping on that front?

And while I'm at it, if I actually do end up going to this thing,
anybody want to go with me? :)

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Date: Mon, 1 May 2000 22:43:04 -0700
To: Roger R Dingledine <arma@MIT.EDU>
From: Hannes Federrath <hannes@ICSI.Berkeley.EDU>
Subject: Re: WShAnon: Free Haven Project submission


Hi Roger,

this is to confirm your message.

I guess both topics (the design of the Free Haven as well as your 
ideas on defining anonymity) meet the goals of the workshop and I 
would be happy to have both of your topics at the workshop.

Since people tend to enjoy reading short papers I recommend that you 
submit two papers. Perhaps you can ask the members of your group to 
become a co-author and to share the effort.

Please let me know your decision. Anyway, I need a title of your 
submission(s) (1..2 pages for the abstract is OK) within the next 2 
days that we can start the review process. (The abstract below is OK 
but should have a headline that contains title and authors.)

If you have any questions -- please ask me.



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