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[freehaven-dev] meeting tomorrow, 2:*30* pm

A number of people have mentioned they might be a bit late, so I'm
going to push the meeting time back to 2:30pm. I don't expect the
meeting to be last forever, so this should be fine...

* Who's going to write what, for when?
  I want to know what all is going to get written, so we don't overlap
  too much. I want to make sure I'll have some nice appendices to put
  in to the back of my thesis, and if particular things aren't getting
  written I need to know this asap so I can schedule my time to make them
* This privacy/anonymity definition thing. Discuss it for a little while.
  Try to conclude what the actual questions are that we want our ideal
  anonymous publication system to support: "does it have foo? does it have
  bar? what about information-theoretic bar?" Once we've enumerated them,
  which ones does Free Haven get? We should divide up our Related Works
  and 'fill out the chart' for each related work, so we can compare them
  in a vaguely quantitative way. (This filling out of the chart will
  happen off-line, based on dividing up the related works.)
* whatever else somebody brings up

--Roger (busily researching case law from the 1960's. gotta love this
         stuff. :)