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Re: [freehaven-dev] Ostrovsky on "Private Information Storage"

dmolnar <dmolnar@hcs.harvard.edu> writes:

> The next best thing seems to me to be that there is never any reason to
> suspect that you in particular hold or ever held a particular file. You
> are just as suspicious or not suspicious as everyone else in the servnet. 
> This holds even if your node is seized and all passwords beaten out of
> you. This holds even if you entered the servnet with the INTENTION of 
> being caught with a particular file (i.e. you are a "self-coercing" node).

Is this actually possible?  The original idea, back at the very
beginning, was the Meatball Servnet: everybody has an equal share of
every file.  So any k of the n servers can reconstitute *any* file in
the servnet.  Also, any particular bit in the servnet doesn't
necessarily correspond to any particular file.