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Re: [freehaven-dev] The Alien Conspiracy (tm) Mixnet

not only will a mixnet fully connected not mix well, but I think a
mixnet improperly connected also would not mix well. Ideally we have a
mix net looking something like a grid with each node connecting to
it's 4 neighbors. This gives us a nice gradient, with clearly defined
neighborhoods, and an obvious way for the packets to flow. If we leave
the connections to random chance, then I think we'd end up with a
topologicly complex mixnet, with lots of cul de sacks (sorry, can't
spell) where the packet would circle around and never get any closer
to it's destination.

Coming up with a mechanism to "proper;y" link nodes seem
non-trivial. At least while keeping them anonymous. So perhaps letting
it evole randomly might work, maybe. I'm unconvinced.