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[freehaven-dev] what I'm writing

What I said I'm writing at the meeting today. Correct me if I missed

* Find or make an IDA appendix. 

* Freehaven notation, adding into the current specification.

* (annotated) Bibliography of academic papers, plus some chunk of the
  analysis of "how anonymous are these systems compared to us?" 
  plus placing said papers into our papers directory. 

* Update threat.tex and model.tex (with mfreed)

* Survey current mix-nets in terms of our anonymity requirements 
  (with mfreed)

Mitzenmacher wants three documents from me at least. The first is a short
summary of what I've done. The second is a short summary of what I learned
during the term; what I know now that I did not know in January. The last
is a paper detailing Free Haven and what I've done to help it (the
standard paper).

I'll post an outline of the paper I plan to write. I'm not sure whether or
not to post a list of "things I've done." I'm inclined not to bother
everyone with "what I've learned." Let me know if any of those assumptions
are incorrect. 

Estimated time to completion for these documents will follow as I get
working on them...