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[freehaven-dev] A Practical Mix

Helger Lipmaa on the coderpunks list just reminded me of Markus
Jakobsson's work on proving security for mix-nets. I'm sorry I didn't
remember it earlier..

The first paper of interest is "A Practical Mix" from Eurocrypt '98

then "Flash Mixing" from PODC '99 shows how to drastically reduce
the computation cost by making use of precomputation. 

Both at http://www.bell-labs.com/user/markusj/

(I'll pull these into our paper repository)

The unfortunate thing is that there is a paper accepted to Eurocrypt 
this year entitled "How to Break and Repair a Practical Mix" by Yvo
Desmedt et. al. I e-mailed him a while back, but never got a response.
Maybe when people come back from the conference this year we can get a
look at the proceedings...