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[freehaven-dev] doc status + questions

for convenience of easy skimming, i've started the important lines with ***.

chapter 1 (intro) is mostly done. it's missing a brilliant intro paragraph,
which i'll write last.

chapter 2 (defining anonymity) is tricky. i'm not convinced yet that what
we decided on sunday is what we actually want. for instance, i think that
perfect-forward document-anonymity is a meaningless concept. we need to
actually sit down and make charts for free haven (easy -- it's done) and
our related works.

chapter 3 (related work) needs some help.
*** mike (and david?) needs to do related work for comm systems
*** brian needs to do related work for trust systems
*** is david doing some of the publication system related works?
there's a lot more publication systems (i think they're mostly commercial?)
mentioned in the ny times article from yesterday. some of the work will be
done in summarizing and analyzing the work, and some will be in integrating
the conclusions with our conclusions from other works. if i could divide this
work more evenly, that would be Really Good.
i intend chapter 3 to be the last major chapter i work on.

chapter 4 (applications and ethics) is getting close to done.
it's going to be really long. this is the one i'm working on now.

chapter 5 (design) has some drafts from earlier, but hasn't really been
*** i need the notation stuff from david, before this chapter can really
*** start.
i'm stalling on this and working on chapter 4, until david has some stuff

chapter 6 (implementation) is not started and will probably be pretty
short. i could make it long, but what's the point?

chapter 7 (adversaries and attacks) is something that it seems other
*** people (david and mike) are addressing? how much can i steal from you?

chapter 8 (further research) is not started. things that come to mind are
better mixnets, better definitions of anonymity, a clearer set of case
law to help bring people up to speed on how the laws work.
*** what else?
i guess i should have a conclusion in this section too, eh?

chapter 9 (acknowledgements) is in ugly draft, and is missing many people.
i've forgotten who the ian conspiracy is other than ian clarke and ian
goldberg. who'm i missing?