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[freehaven-dev] paper with comm channel anonymity

I noticed this sitting in the cypherpunks ftp archive :

"Untraceable Communications Protocols with Different Types of Anonymity
between Sender and Receiver" 

It has some definitions of anonymity for communications channels which may
be useful. They break communication into 4 types :

1. Sender and the receiver can both identify the communication partner
2. Communication where the sender can identify the receiver, but
   not the converse.
3. Receiver can identify sender, but not the converse. 
4. Neither sender nor receiver can identify the other partner

they also mention that they want to create an address header for packets
passing through the mix-net in such a way that 

"the sender can generate the receiver's address header by himself, but in
such a way that no one except the legal receiver can identify the receiver
from the address header." 

 -- this apparently is an example of a "invisible implicit header"
according to a terminology they attribute to Pfitzmann.