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[freehaven-dev] Simulation

In an effort to be as lame as possible without dropping the ball entirely, I
just finished the first round of the simulation.

It's pretty rough, but I can add p's and whatnots pretty easily.

As it is, shares go one way only on "trades". I wanted to let shares stack
up unevenly. Tell me if that's inimportant.  Obviously edges are reliable,
and "trading" happens with 100% probability.  I'm not sure how to model
unreliable edges (send it back home?), but making trading random is easy.
I've got support for variable doc/reconstruct sizes, though I don't know how
to redim arrays on the fly in C. (which isn't directly related, but would be
helpful nonetheless)

Once I figure out how to CVS it back to belegost (and fix up a few things I
don't know how to do yet) I will. :)