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[freehaven-dev] Brief meeting Sunday 2pm: The Future of Free Haven -- all on list are invited

I want to have a meeting on Sunday (2pm, 2-255 as usual) to discuss
what we're going to be up to over the summer and where we want to take
this Free Haven project thing.

There are a number of people on this list who can provide a lot of
different perspectives (and skills) on this.

This isn't going to be 'Roger's project'. I don't have time to deal
with making all of it happen. But I do think it's a really cool project,
and I'd be willing to put a bunch more work into it.

So I'm looking for people to commit time to it. Not just "yeah, this is
nice, I want to be on your list" (tho that's nice), but actual commitments
to specific things.

Such things include:

1) Further formalizing our notions of anonymity. I fear after some
   discussion with Mike this eve that we really aren't going to be able
   to progress after a certain (soon to be reached) point, due to lack of
   clue with probability/stats. But we can go as far as we can.
2) The website. Keeping information up to date. Keeping stuff useful.
   Coming up with more useful stuff. Analyzing what other people are
   doing in terms of anonymity. Maintaining lists of links, lists of
   projects, caches of papers and everything else out there (the least
   we can do is provide a manual eternity service and be a central data
   repository for decentralized designs...;)
   This includes collecting brilliant statements from other people
   about our ideas (eg from mailling lists) and putting them in an
   easier to find/read format.
3) Actually go somewhere with the current Free Haven design. Expand on
   it, argue about buddies, make accountability work, make working code.
4) Simulate the above rather than making working code. More useful for
   the theory side of things. Might be more useful for other projects
5) Attack the communication channel side of things. Spread code or
   package (eg rpm/deb) for a good mixmaster system, and actually move
   towards having a functional *free* Freedom network.

I would be psyched to work on 1 and 2, and I would love to see somebody
work on 5 (but I'm not familiar enough yet with the comm side to help
enough). I might also go somewhere with 4 depending on time and interest
from others.

Anyway, feel free to rsvp to me or to the list with responses, interests,
comments, etc.

I expect to limit meeting duration to 1 hr, so people can finish, say,
their finals, their theses, etc. David and I might stick around afterwards
to play the crypto game with our anonymity definitions and see how far
we can get.
Hope to see some of you Sunday,