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[freehaven-dev] Request for comments: Mixminion design paper

We've finished the first draft of the Mixminion design paper:

\title{Mixminion: Design of a Type III Anonymous Remailer}

We present Mixminion, a message-based anonymous remailer protocol that
supports secure single-use reply blocks. Mixminion reply messages are
indistinguishable from forward messages, allowing all messages to share
the same anonymity set. We add directory servers that allow users to
learn public keys and performance statistics of participating remailers,
and we describe nymservers that allow users to maintain long-term
pseudonyms using single-use reply blocks as a primitive. Our design
integrates link-level encryption between remailers to provide
forward anonymity. Mixminion brings together the best solutions from
previous work to create a conservative design that protects against most
known attacks.

It's up at http://seul.org/~arma/minion-design.ps

I'm mainly interested in feedback on the ideas and design rather than
the wording, but I'll take both. I haven't finished sections 7 and 8 yet,
but the rest is in pretty good shape.

We'll be submitting it on Tuesday, so comments by Monday evening would
be best.