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Re: [freehaven-dev] alpha Anonymity Bibliography site

> But that said, check out http://freehaven.net/anonbib/date.html and tell
> me if it's useful to you. Also send me bibtex entries for your favorite
> papers that I've missed, and/or corrections to the ones that are up there.
Compliments :) is a very good work :)

> My goal is to set up something we can point at for people new to the field
> (and most of us are still new to the field, it seems), so they know which
> papers to look at to get up to speed. The ones I particularly recommend
> have boxes around them.
I've take a look the paper describing MixMinion, on the referencies them contains 
a very big list of publication about privacy and anonimous networking, 

in addiction ... I remember "Agile" (another protocol for anonymous file sharing),
nymip (www.nymip.org), and, if should be interesting, on sans.org you could find a
paper describing cover channel communication (also know as steganography over 
network and transport session, never implemented with anonymous file sharing but 
possible way to follow on future development for improvered trusting/preformance/anonymity)

byee :>

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