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[freehaven-dev] accountability chapter draft is ready

http://freehaven.net/doc/oreilly/ has links to the six pieces
of our Accountability chapter. It's the first draft, and the O'Reilly
people will go through and fix up typos and other stuff later on.

For now, we're interested in answers to the following questions:

* Will the audience be able to follow the material? Think of the
  audience as people interested in computing who might not have a
  programming background, but are somewhat aware of basic concepts in
  Internet protocols, encryption, and so on. They may not possess
  particular technical knowledge, but they're not afraid of reading
  about technology.

* Are there inaccuracies, misleading statements, or poorly explained

* What could be added to the chapter, without making it too long, that
  would give the reader a significantly deeper understanding of the
  problem being covered and possible solutions?

Any and all comments definitely appreciated.
We'll be doing the next (final) draft starting Nov 8.