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[freehaven-dev] RfC: MIX cascade protocol / reputation system paper

Paul Syverson and I have finished a draft for the paper we intend to
submit to Financial Crypto on Sunday. We'd love to have your comments
on our ideas, design, phrasing, etc.

We describe a MIX cascade protocol with a reputation system to increase
the reliability of a network of MIX cascades. MIX nodes choose a bandwidth
level to contribute, and each day generate a communally random seed to
determine their configuration. Nodes send test messages to monitor their
cascades. Senders can also demonstrate message decryptions to convince
honest cascade members that a cascade is misbehaving. By allowing any
node to declare the failure of its own cascade, we eliminate the need
for global trusted witnesses.

You can fetch the draft from http://freehaven.net/doc/casc-rep/casc-rep.ps

Or for those who like double-spaced papers so you can bleed on them more
easily, http://cvs.seul.org/~arma/casc-rep-doublespaced.ps

Be sure to get the most recent copy, since we will be doing more edits
over the next few days.