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[freehaven-dev] FORW: Bruce Scheneier is coming to the area.

another interesting event...
do we want to try to talk to him?

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From: Graystreak <wex@media.mit.edu>
Subject: another advance announcement

Bruce Scheneier is coming to the area.  Two appearances are scheduled:

10/25/00 12:00-2:00pm   Speaking, Q&A, Signing 
112 Mall Road 
Burlington, MA 01803

10/26/00 12:00-2:00pm   Speaking, Q&A, Signing 
Quantum Books 
4 Cambridge Center 
Cambridge, MA 02142 

Info from: http://www.counterpane.com/sandltour.html

I currently plan to attend the event on the 25th, in part because I expect
the event on the 26th to be mobbed.  If I can find more details on
registration/parking, etc.  I will post them here.

If someone wants to go to the Quantum location and wishes to post about
that, please do so.

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