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[freehaven-dev] ACM Workshop on Security and Privacy in DRM

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                        CALL FOR PARTICIPATION


 			        November 5, 2001
          Doubletree Hotel, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

      held as part of the  Eighth ACM Conference on Computer and
		      Communications Security (CCS-8)

Registration (and other information) at

The 2001 ACM Workshop on Security and Privacy in Digital Rights 
Management (SPDRM '01) provides a forum for the sharing of original 
research results and practical development experiences on all 
security and privacy aspects of digital distribution of content, such 
as digital versions of books, articles, music and video. The workshop 
considers technical problems faced by rights holders (who seek to 
protect their intellectual property rights) and end consumers (who 
seek to protect their privacy and to preserve access they now enjoy 
in traditional media under existing copyright law). The workshop is 
intended for anybody interested in secure digital commerce for 
content and the related technologies. In addition to technical 
presentations, there will be several presentations on legal and 
business aspects of Digital Rights Management. The workshop is 
seeking international participation from the scientific and 
the R&D communities, as well as from the business and legal 

The Eighth ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security 
(CCS-8) takes place in the same venue, Nov. 6-8, 2001. 

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We would appreciate if you forward information about the workshop to 
parties that might be interested. 

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*   Invited Introductory Talk 
    On the design of systems for digital rights management
    Stuart Haber, InterTrust STAR Lab 

                  LIST OF ACCEPTED PAPERS 

1.  On Crafty Pirates and Foxy Tracers
    Aggelos Kiayias (CUNY), Moti Yung (CertCo)
2.  A Cryptanalysis of the High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection 
    Scott Crosby (CMU), Ian Goldberg (Zero-Knowledge Systems), 
    Robert Johnson (University of California, Berkeley), Dawn Song 
    (University of California, Berkeley), David Wagner (University of   
    California,  Berkeley)

3.  Privacy Engineering for DRM Systems
    Michael J. Freedman (MIT), Joan Feigenbaum (Yale Computer Science 
    Dept.), Tomas Sander (InterTrust STAR Lab), Adam Shostack 
    (Zero-Knowledge Systems)

4.  Collusion Secure q-ary Fingerprinting for Perceptual Content
    R. Safavi-Naini (University of Wollongong), Y. Wang (University of
5.  MPEG-4 IPMP Extensions
    James King  (Central Research Lab), Panos Kudumakis (Central 
    Research Lab)
6.  How to Manage Persistent State in DRM Systems
    William Shapiro (InterTrust STAR Lab), Radek Vingralek (InterTrust 
    STAR Lab)
7.  From Copyright to Information Law - Implications of Digital Rights 
    Stefan Bechtold (Stanford Law School)
8.  If copyright is not about copying, what is it about?
    Ernest Miller (Yale Law School), Joan Feigenbaum (Yale Computer 
    Science Dept.)
9.  Protecting Software Code by Guards
    Hoi Chang (Purdue University), Mikhail J. Atallah (Purdue 
10. Secure Open Systems Protecting Privacy and Digital Services
    David W. Kravitz (Wave Systems Corp.), Kim-Ee Yeoh (Wave Systems 
    Corp.), Nicol So (Wave Systems Corp.)
11. Efficient State Updates for Key Management
    Benny Pinkas (InterTrust STAR Lab)
12. Discouraging Software Piracy Using Software Aging
    Markus Jakobsson (RSA Laboratories), Michael Reiter (Bell Labs) 
13. Implications of Digital Rights Management for Online Music - 
    A Business Perspective
    Willms Buhse (Technical University of Munich, Germany, and 
    Bertelsmann Digital World Services)
14. Dynamic Self-Checking Techniques for Improved Tamper Resistance
    Bill Horne (InterTrust STAR Lab), Lesley Matheson (InterTrust 
    STAR Lab), Casey Sheehan (InterTrust Technologies), Robert E. Tarjan 
    (InterTrust STAR Lab)
15. New Iterative Geometric Methods for Robust Perceptual Image 
    Ramarathnam Venkatesan (Microsoft Research), M. Kivanc Mihcak 
    (Microsoft Research)

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