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[gbib-dev] Re: To do's (fwd)

On Fri, 13 Apr 2001, Alejandro Aguilar Sierra wrote:

> I was playing with your gPS. The alternate sorting on clicking on the
> column titles is the way to go, I think. Do you want to do it for gBib?

Yes, I'll do that.

> - The list of last visited files. Unless you have already
>   an idea on how to do it. I was thinking on using a file (gBib.lastfiles)
>   in the user's .gnome directory, limited to 3 or 4 files.

Doesn't Gnome already have API calls to deal with lists of recently opened
files ? I'm not much experienced with Gnome (my programs are usually
GTK+-only) but I'll give it a check how other Gnome programs do it.

> - More testing on Gerard's patch impact, and perhaps an alternative
>   solution.

> By the way I think we should report small changes in a ChangeLog file,
> as used with CVS, and left the CHANGES file only to report most important
> changes on stable releases.

I prefer keeping just one CHANGES file. Small changes should go into CVS
log messages only. (thus the current 0.1.0a entries on CHANGES will go
under 0.1.1 as soon as we get there)

I already emailed Pete asking him to fix the mailing list (I think he
subscribed asierra@seul.org , so your non-SEUL address doesn't have
permission to post, I asked him to configure the list in a way you can
post from either email)

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