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Re: [gbib-dev] 0.1.1 release ?

On Tue, 17 Apr 2001, Felipe Bergo wrote:

> Have you found any parsing bugs, Alejandro ? I think we should release
> 0.1.1 these days, so we can get more input from users too.

Yes, I have found some files that bibtex can read which gbib can not. But
this would not stop the next release. 
> This night I will
> - make clicked files on the recent file history be brought up to the first
>   position
> - write a spec file to generate RPMs

> - try something on the "New ..." buttons in the Edit Commands dialog,
>   they're too wide, maybe breaking the text in two lines.

Maybe droping the "new" and adding a small tooltip for each button.
> Let me know if there's something else to be done in the near future.

For 0.1.1 I think most todo's are already done, just some more testing.
For the page, a link to the rpm would be nice.

I think this week we could announce 0.1.1.

Alejandro Aguilar Sierra