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Re: [gdiscuss] gdis 0.75.0


Noel Koethe wrote:
> hint:
> on ftp://ftp.seul.org/pub/gdis/ there is gdis 0.75 but
> the website http://gdis.seul.org/ tells me latest version
> is 0.74.0
> Felipe build 0.74.0pre1 with automake support.
> (http://moria.seul.org/~bergo/gdis/)
> Will this be included in the default release?
> Will it be available for 0.75.0?
> I need this for packaging it for the other
> architectures.

Yeah, sorry about that. 0.75 is in an intermediate stage. I put
it (very recently) on the web site so that some colleagues could
download it to test new options. I'll update the web page to
reflect this.

Oh yes, automake...

I've developed something of a hatred for automake after several
painful experiences with it on anything other than Linux (OS-X in
particular, I think). More than once, running ./configure resulted
in incomprehensible (and therefore hard to fix) errors. Since automake
should make life easier (and IMO it doesn't) I decided not to bother
with it.

As an alternative, perhaps I could include a bunch of makefiles 
(eg makefile.solaris etc) that have been found to work.

I would agree that ./configure is nice when it works. But when it
doesn't it's horrible. Plus, it's fairly complicated (ie a pain in
the neck to maintain).

But I'm willing to listen to any contrary arguments :-)

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