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Re: [gdiscuss] gdis packaged; some wishes..


Felipe Bergo wrote:
> You are distributing files that are not compiled:
> scandir.c and molsurf.c (which have errors and fail to compile on RH 7.2 -
> I tried to automake-ize 0.74pre1 and my script that gets all sources put
> these two in the compile bag.

scandir.c should not be compiled directly. Perhaps it's a bit
but you'll find it's #included in file.c if you're using a sun - since
they don't support the scandir function. I might change the name to make
this more obvious in the future.

I don't know what to say about molsurf.c - I've compiled it on RH 7.2
SuSE 7.2 without any problems. What's the error message?

> BTW, task.c should #include <string.h> (to stop warning about lack of
> prototype for memcpy)


> > I don't really have time to write a man page at present. Perhaps
> > someone could cull a bit from the web page and the somewhat embryonic
> > manual (gdis_manual.txt) if they feel so inclined...
> I think I can do it next weekend.

Brilliant, and many thanks for your efforts. I did briefly look at the
process required to set up automake, but decided I didn't need the pain

Let me know when it's done & I'll make it part of the standard package,
if you've no objections.

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