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gEDA-user: Icarus Verilog building from CVS

Autoconf in vvp...
configure.in:13: warning: AC_CANONICAL_HOST invoked multiple times
autoconf/specific.m4:393: AC_MINGW32 is expanded from...
../aclocal.m4:86: AX_WIN32 is expanded from...
configure.in:13: the top level

Are messages like this to be expected?  I did a check out last night,
and am trying to get it up and going.

Also, are the Makefile.in files to be edited directly?  I was under the
impression that they were meant to be generated via automake from
Makefile.am files, but I see no such .am files in the CVS checkout.

What I'm attempting to do here is fix the build process problems for for
non GCC compilers.