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gEDA-user: Free Dog meetings at MIT starting this September!

-----  Announcing Free Dog -- the Free EDA User's Group!  -----

Owing to the growing interest in free EDA tools, the time time has
come to form a user group dedicated to supporting and promoting
open-source design tools!  To meet this need, we are forming "Free
Dog": the "Free EDA Users Group".  (FreeEDAUG -- try pronouncing it!)

Free Dog will begin holding monthly meetings starting this
September 1st (2004).  We will meet at MIT (Cambridge, MA, USA) in
room E51-085 at 7:00pm; meetings will be held on the first Wednesday
of every month, and will last about one hour.

At our meetings we will have informal networking followed by
interesting speakers.  Afterwards, we will convene for informal
networking at a local watering hole -- beer drinking optional!  

At our first meeting (Sepember 1st), we will hold an informal
gathering for prospective members.  There will be a couple of Linux
systems present running gEDA, ngspice, PCB, and other tools as
a demonstration of the capabilities of the gEDA suite.  Ales Hvezda
(gEDA's benevalent dictator) and Stuart Brorson (occasional SPICE
hacker) will be there.  If you are in the Boston area, we welcome you
to stop by.

Free Dog is hosted by MIT, who graceously hosts many computer interest


For more information, please watch the Free Dog website:


or feel free to contact me at: sdb (AT) cloud9 (dot) net.