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Re: gEDA-user: Free Dog meetings at MIT starting this September!

> > > Free Dog will begin holding monthly meetings starting this
> > > September 1st (2004).  We will meet at MIT (Cambridge, MA, USA) in
> > 
> > Hey the MIT sounds familiar to me - didn't the free software revolution
> > start there? Didn't Stallman work in MIT AI Lab?
> Yes.  He apparently still has an office in the new Stata center.  He
> is not aware of Free Dog, as far as I know.  But who knows?  I'm
> trying to advertise at MIT and he might show up . . . .  

He probably doesn't believe in social incentive of free technology in hardware
field or how this philosophical question is actually exactly called.

And, aside from Ronja, it looks like we are preparing another free
technology project here, it seems to be an 3kW inversion burning wood
stove with 0 emissions, and in future possibly with some sophisticated
control electronics.

Because my brother built a forward burner turbo wood stove and was impressed by
the results obtained through use of free technology (a partial building guide
published by our friend earlier - CZ only:
http://www.volny.cz/ondrej.tesar/drivkac.htm). The material costs
next-to-nothing, manufacture is fast and easy at home, the power output is
astonishing (about like a electric fast-boiling kettle). And the fuel costs 0
too (it's dry organic waste like wood sticks you can find nearly everywhere).
The device is portable, collapsible and lightweight.

It costs nearly nothing, costs nothing to operate, and is good - what should we
wish more? I have noticed someone saying "all the best things in life are for

> Stuart