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gEDA-user: gsch2pcb manpage missing: pain in the ass


It's probably the third time I am repeatedly trying to determine how to
find out what should be written into footprint= attribute in gschem to
obtain desired component in PCB (this time it's PCB, library, transistors,
2N3904). The problem is I forget it each time.

Each time I strike this problem:
clock@beton:~$ man gsch2pcb
No manual entry for gsch2pcb

gsch2pcb has no manual entry.

Then the next logical step is (at least for me) going to gEDA home page
and finding the relevant section about the utils:
gsch2pcb is not listed there at all, because this URL's contents seem to
be outdated.

However on gEDA home page there is in documentation section a gsch2pcb documenation,
which is inconsistent with the fact that gsch2pcb isn't listed as a part of
gEDA on gEDA homepage.

The README doesn't suggest any algorithm for finding out the footprint=
attribute. It only says how to make the things compatible when making new
components in PCB which is not my case.

The last resort is this tutorial found by google:

However it's a tutorial so that it takes long time before I read it top to
bottom and find out the correct algorithm for translation PCB screen output
to gschem footprint= attribute.

Searching for "footprint" in this tutorial gives about 20 places, none
of which describes any kind of algorithm.

I suggest:
1) to add gsch2pcb manpage with big fat section "how to find out the
footprint value?"
2) update the gEDA homepage, utils section, add gsch2pcb