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Re: gEDA-user: PCB versions

> Wouldn't it be please possible to make PCB display the same version
> in the "About" dialog as is stamped on the .tgz archive?

If you mean the snapshots, the purpose of the snapshots is to simply
give you a copy of whatever's in CVS at the time the snapshot is made.
If nothing changes in CVS, no snapshot.  Expecting a version change in
the snapshot files means that every CVS change must be accompanied by
a version update.

> The all three most recent versions display "1.99p" which makes it
> difficult to tell what version I have currently installed. How is it
> possible to determine the version otherwise?

Look at the timestamps of the files, or just keep track of what you
download.  1.99p is the latest official release.

Note that PCB is developed and maintained by volunteers.  If something
bothers you, feel free to volunteer to fix it.

> clock@oberon:~$ pcb --version
> clock@oberon:~$ 

pcb -version

(the fact that it exits without printing anything is probably a bug;
we most likely set up the log dialog box too soon; patches welcome)

> Also this doesn't work:
> clock@oberon:~$ pcb --help
> clock@oberon:~$ 

pcb -help

> clock@oberon:~$ man pcb
> No manual entry for pcb

info pcb

> I am not sure if there is any manual page in the tarball however I
> didn't consciosly issue any explicit command to suppress it's
> installation.

There isn't.  GNU standards are for info pages to be installed.