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Re: gEDA-user: weird names in PCB part library

Once you have put the land pattern into pcb its origion really dosn't matter. The question is in making new patterns. Should one write an m4 script or use some other technique.
So Twister isn't any worse off having used the old libraries or using newer ones provided that each pattern is correct.

Two, I think that are enough experienced PCB users to write a comprehensive users manual for PCB. I think your time, Harry, is much more valuable spent improving the code. I am soon... very soon I hope going to finish this crazzy board I have been working 7/24 on for months. Since, no one else has stepped up I volunteer to start putting together a comprehensive users manual for pcb and gaf and publish it under the equivelent GPL for documentation. I will be asking for help from my fellow users and I will pull ideas from off the archives of this mailing group. By now we know that under PCB there are numerous ways to do the same thing I have my way and other will have their own way. So, if you disagree or have an alternative method send me an email or directly edit the document and send me your updates.

This document will include not only how to use PCB but the implications of each parameter on the board manufacturing process.

Thanking all the future contributors in advance,

Steve Meier

Karel Kulhavý wrote:

Heh - I think I have designed the whole Twister using mostly the old libraries
:) I didn't know their use is discouraged :)