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Re: gEDA-user: Thermal for SMD pads

> While reading this list, I occasionnly maintain a personnal FAQ even if I

I want to add another one :

Thread: Re: gEDA-user: Connect vias to ground plane with no thermal
    I would like to be able to directly connect a via to the ground plane.
    I have found how to turn off thermals for the entire ground
    plane, but this shorts it to other vias like 3.3V.

    Put a small rectangle over it and press 's' or 'S' (I don't remember)
    When I want to put a via or pin direct in contact with a poligon, I do as follow:
    1- Place the via where I want
    2- Draw the rectangle if it is not drawed
    3- Draw a little line, with, for example, 50 mils of lenght
    4- Increase the line, with S key until it becomes bigger than the via. For example,
    if the via have a dimension of 50 mils (the diameter of the copper circle) I made
    the via with at least 54 mils thick
    5- Move the line over the via, making the via to be in the center of the line.
    6- Join the line to the rectangle with the J key.
    It is!!!! The via is joined with the rectangle.

    Probably the best way to do this is with a line of zero length that joins the
    polygon. To create a zero length line, (of course on the same layer as the plane),
    begin with a fairly coarse grid, say 100 mils. Then draw a single line of any
    length you like (I recommend moving one grid point). Now set the thickness
    of the line large enough to span the gap and configure it to touch the plane.
    Then grab one end-point of the line and move it to the start point and let go.
    It's now just a circle. Don't try to move it without selecting it, because you'll
    just move one of its points. Select the circle, and copy it at the center point
    to the buffer. Now you can use the buffer tool to place this over each via
    that you want to have a solid connection to the plane.