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Re: gEDA-user: Free Dog meetings at MIT starting this September!

>   As do I.  And I've been repeating that wide-pitch SMT is not more 
> difficult to do than through-hole.  Everyone I've ever spoken to has 
> shied away from it, and then upon trying it for the first time, has 
> never gone back to through-hole components.  That mirrors my personal 
> experience as well.  I was simply trying to give you an alternative (if 
> unpopular, but still quite valid) point of view.  I'm sorry if you 
> don't take criticism well.

Yes. On Ronja someone has done unofficial RX with SMT components and
people are building it. However it sux hard because is designed in Protel
and has number of flaws because of which I can't merge it into the main
design (especially it's mechanically incompatible with the mechanics) and
I am unable to edit it because it isn't in PCB.

So I am going to make abother one some day, this time usable :)