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Re: gEDA-user: Reload footprints into PCB?

The best way is probably to delete the components from
the PCB and re-run sch2pcb. Add the components back
into into your layout using "Load layout data to

It's not as bad as it sounds. Clean up the 
traces around the removed component so that you can
manuever the new footprint without hitting copper.

(* jcl *)

--- Stuart Brorson <sdb@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Guys --
> Another PCB question.  I have a fully-routed PCB
> which I completed
> over the weekend.  However, after inspecting the
> Gerbers I realize I
> need to change some footprint parameters.  That's OK
> -- I can easily 
> regenerate the footprints.  However, having rebuilt
> the footprints,
> how can I get the new footprints into my design in
> PCB without having
> to delete the old footprints off my board & re-place
> all components?  
> Does gsch2pcb handle this automagically?  Or does
> PCB have a method to
> reload all footprints?   I know that I can do a cut
> and paste job
> using Emacs, but I'd like to avoid that if there is
> an easier method.
> Thanks,
> Stuart

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