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Re: gEDA-user: Reload footprints into PCB?

Hi Guys --

I will post my solution to the list when I do it, no problem.  I also
will rev Steve Meier's newlib footprint creation doc 'cause I have
found more info about how the footprints work.  Finally, I have
written a Perl script which generates footprints for two-pad passives
(i.e. 0805, 1206, and larger things) from geometrical parameters you
get from the datasheet.  I did this because I didn't trust the M4
footprints & wanted to roll my own, but when I looked into it, the
translatoin from geometrical parameters on the datasheet to the
parameters used in PCB was kind of obscure.  Therefore, I wrote a Perl
script to do it for me.  I will post that too.  But first I need to
clear the decks with all the other stuff piling up in my inbox.  I'll
post all this stuff in a couple of days. . . . .

Meanwhile, FWIW, I'll probably just fix my footprint problems by hand
editing the .pcb file using emacs.  If that's too painful, I'll
probably write a Perl script.  That's the plan, for now.


> Stuart,
> Please post to the list how you resolve this matter (Good, bad, ugly,=20
> whatever...). I have a board I did a couple of weeks ago that I'm in the sa=
> me=20
> position with. I am planning on trying to fix it this weekend.
> Best
> Marvin=20
> On Monday 17 January 2005 12:41 pm, Stuart Brorson wrote:
> > Hi Guys --
> >
> > However, having rebuilt the footprints, how can I get the new footprints
> > into my design in PCB without having to delete the old footprints off my
> > board & re-place all components? =20