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gEDA-user: No-Net Copper

At 06:10 AM 12/31/2010, you wrote:
> This is a DRC issue. The rules should allow any net to connect
> to no-net copper. No need to restructure the way pcb handles
> connectivity.

If different nets connect to the same no-net copper there is a short
between nets.

Consider a large item like you might solder a RFI shield to, that
covers the perimeter of a large board.
It would be easy to not notice different nets connected at different
times, at opposite ends of the board.

So I'd constrain your idea to a single net.  Even then it would be
better to have a warning that could be turned off per net.
Maybe that connection was not intentional?

Maybe someone could explain to me why there would be copper on a PCB that is not part of a net? I suppose there might be a reason to not connect an RFI shield to ground, but why would you not want to give that net a name and make it part of the net list? I would show that RFI shield on my schematic and explicitly indicate that it is not to be connected to ground.

Why is no-net copper useful?


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