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gEDA-user: Soft and Hard symbols

I guess all this was discussed on the list multiple times in the past,
so this is more a note to myself...

I think it may be useful to have two types of symbols, soft and hard.
Hard symbols have an footprint attribute and maybe additional hard
properties. Soft symbols are simple an OpAmp or a resistor -- only type,
no parameters defined. For schematic entry the use can select "Add soft
symbol" or add hard symbol (if he exactly knows what he wants). If a
schematic contains soft symbols, then there is an additional step
necessary before PCB layout can start: Selecting footprints and slots --
this step may be supported by databases. (The user may have the optional
choice to generate hard symbols from soft ones by specifying footprints
and other hard facts in an early input stage.)

Note, this is not what we currently have with our light/heavy symbols.
The point is, that we should make a strict decision, not make a soft
transition from light to heavy but adding some attributes.

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