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Re: gEDA-user: Reacquainting to geda and pcb

   No, I know the difference between newlib footprints and m4.  I worded
   my question badly.
   I've gone through the gschem2pcb tutorial but my question is if I'm
   creating a schematic in gschem and for each component you should have
   .fp file located in a folder for each footprint in my design why does
   PCB have a library of footprints?  Do I really need a .fp file for each
   footprint or only the custom footprints that aren't in PCB's library
   that I make up?

   On Tue, Jan 4, 2011 at 4:47 PM, DJ Delorie <[1]dj@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

     There are two types of footprins in the library - "m4 style"
     footprints, and "newlib style" file footprints.  The "m4" style
     you, for example, all the different size 0.1" pitch headers with one
     macro definition, so you don't see one file per footprint for those.
     The "newlib" style uses separate files for each footprint, and
     have a .fp extension (which you may omit when specifying your
     footprint).  Custom footprints tend to be *.fp.
     When you install pcb, it should install a web page "catalog" of the
     symbols... somewhere, I hope :-)

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