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Re: gEDA-user: PCB bug: invisibly select pads from deactivated far side

I found the code that needs fixing, but it brought up an interesting

If an element has pads on *both* sides, and the far side is hidden, do
the pads on the far side get selected?


Hide the far side and box-select both elements.

Obviously, any pads on the shown side should be selected.  But, is it
obvious that visible pads for an invisible element can be selected?

If an element is "on" the shown side, the element itself is selected.

Are the pads, on the far side, for the selected element on the shown
side, selected?

Are the pads, on the far side, for the element on the far side,
selected?  (/me thinks obviously not)

For the two previous questions, compare the answers vs if you had
clicked on the element to select it.

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