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Re: gEDA-user: PCB bug: invisibly select pads from deactivated far side

DJ Delorie <dj@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> The "operation" is "select".  PCB doens't know *why* you're selecting,
> it's just selecting everything in a region.  If you select the *element*
> should it select the *whole* element, or just part of the element?

It is possible to make parts of an element invisible
(silk/pads/farside).  It is possible to select parts of an element.

It is possible to select an element without its pads.  I can cut
(ctrl-X) a selected element when the pads are not selected, so any
operation on selected elements work even with the pads deselected.

So naturally, I expect that invisble pads are not selected. I'd also
expect to select visible elements and far-side pads even when pads/pins
are invisible.

Currently, when I turn off pins/pads, I cannot select an element, not
even elements/pads on the visible far side.

NB, while we are talking about pins/pads: One feature request I have is
an option to make pads invisible but keep the pins visible, so I can
review an inner layer with pins unobscured by pads.


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