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Re: gEDA-user: Collaborative Development of Boards

On 01/16/2011 03:11 PM, Markus Hitter wrote:
Being more a mechanics and software guy, I'm astonished how things in the electronics world apparently work. Perhaps I'm
exaggerating a bit.

Teams I've worked on set responsibilities and have time goals.  I've not had any free hardware collaboration
happen yet.  Not sure it will...so best to have your own goals lined out and try to enlist
others to follow.  If none of the volunteers will follow, let their "branches" and forks of
the project be there, but don't accept all of them in your "production" branch, then execute that
one for manufacturing and selling and let the dead branches lay there in a git repos unused except by some
that would never agree to help get something out the door.  Weed out collaborators that have no goal like yours.
Leading is the same as with pay or no pay -- you must make an example by doing to get people to follow you.
To get the best collaborators enlisted, argue the time it takes to do it all different ways is lost
as a way to try and get them to use the same design components.  Figure out what their goals are.
Ask questions like, "What does that do for you to use that connector?", then show how your choice does almost the
same satisfaction for them, if not, how is theirs better?  What could the time spent to switch get -- it's really lost
time, so that is one lever to use.  Arguments over resistors and caps are seldom, but I can see connectors.

I've made connector choice early and important in my planning and allow time to get them at good prices from Taiwan.

Flat flex cable and connector is my favorite for low costs.


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