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Re: gEDA-user: Collaborative Development of Boards

Markus Hitter <mah@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Being more a mechanics and software guy, I'm astonished how things in
> the electronics world apparently work. Perhaps I'm exaggerating a bit.
> Is it even possible to do something in collaboration? I'd appreciate
> any answer.

In our lab we recently had very nice results partitioning the work
across multiple boards.  The mechanics engineer did a fine housing, a
PhD-student made the front-end board with eagle, I made the main board
with gEDA/PCB, and our electronics engineer does the power board, using
eagle.  There was FPGA and ARM7 firmware to do as well.  Lot's of
opportunities to devide work and to collaborate.  You have to agree on
the interfaces for sure.  But collaborating on a single layout is pretty


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