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Re: gEDA-user: git based wiki

Peter Clifton wrote:

> https://github.com/github/gollum

What is the benefit? 
Most wikis already come with a versioning of changes. 

One property that sets dokuwiki apart from many other wikis is the fact 
that it does not use a data base in the background. Dokuwiki content is just 
a bunch of human readable files somewhere in a dedicated directory. I often 
interact with my dokuwiki at work by adding or editing files directly rather
than using the integrated interface.
The dedicated dokuwiki directory might be set-up as git repo. That way, the
whole website could be cloned, changed locally and pushed and merged like any 
other project under git. 

> PS.. try some of the file links in the github site.. Very very sexy
> web-2.0 AJAX goodness there ;)

You mean the syntax highlighting? There are five alternative syntax highlight
plugins for dokuwiki. This is my favorite:

There is a vast amount of plugins available for dokuwiki
These are very easy to install and maintain. The current dokuwiki set-up
of geda hardly scratches the surface of what is possible. 

Dokuwiki offers a lot of infrastructure that has grown over the years. 
I'd only consider to loose this environment for _very_ compelling reasons.

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