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gEDA-user: gschem: directly connecting two nets?

Sometimes I would like to directly connect two nets.  There are a
number of different specific cases in which I would like to do this for
simplicity in the schematic.  For instance, I might have an "input port"
component (e.g., input-1.sym) on a connector pin with net "VLCD", and
then somewhere else in the schematic want to show that "VLCD" is
connected to "+3.3V".

However, after some investigation as to why I wasn't getting the right
rats in 'pcb' after a gsch2pcb import, I realized that connecting two
nets in gschem (using a power symbol and/or an I/O port symbol
connected with a net line) does not create that connection in the
netlist!  I think the gnetlist drc did emit a warning due to this, but
I did not understand the cause...

Is there any correct way to show two nets are directly connected in a
schematic?  e.g., connecting two I/O ports or two power symbols


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