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Re: gEDA-user: Fedora 7 CVS install notes

On 6/15/07, Peter TB Brett wrote:
> Oddly I have absolutely no need for that export when compiling on F7.

I had a strange error while rpmbuilding some geda packages last 2 weeks,
/usr/bin/perl: error while loading shared libraries: libperl.so:
cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
getOutputFrom(): Broken pipe

the mere simple solution was:
yum install perl-libs
stupid me.

Well tonight, Ill be pushing geda 20070526 into fedora mirrors.
if you guys have any suggestions in improving those packages, I'm listening.

However in the future, (for people compiling cvs sources on fedora)
instead of compiling with compile,make, make install, I'll write a
tutorial on how to create rpms based on fedora's geda sources rpms.
Hence there will be no need for exporting variables from right to



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