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Re: gEDA-user: minipack-result -- gschem

Duncan Drennan wrote:

> I have the following environment variables set in Windows Vista,
> GEDABIN=D:\Program Files\gEDA\bin
> GEDADATA=D:\Program Files\gEDA\share\gEDA
> GUILE_LOAD_PATH=D:\Program Files\gEDA\share\guile\1.8
Now I get a decent gschem GUI :-)
Next step: How do I configure gschem to find my local library?
On my linux box I have these lines in ~/.gEDA/gafrc :

; Allow to source symbols from the current working directory
(component-library ".")
; Allow to source symbols from the loacl repository
(define symbolspath (build-path (getenv "HOME") "geda" "symbols"))
(component-library (build-path symbolspath "titleblock"))
(component-library (build-path symbolspath "power"))
(component-library (build-path symbolspath "misc"))

What would be the HOME in windows. Or alternatively, how would I give 
a full windows path that includes backslashes and the drive letter? 

By the way, should the lines of the config files be terminated unix style, 
or DOS style?

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