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gEDA-user: BUG: gaf hierarchy problems with old backup files

I have a collection of similar projects, each of which refer to a common
set of hierarchical sub-schematics, which were located in the directory
of the first project.  I needed to prepare a tarball for one of the
other projects, so I cleaned up the mess, and moved the symbols and
schematics of the common sub-circuits into the ../lib directory.  I
added lines to gafrc like this:

(component-library "../lib")
(component-library ".")
(source-library "../lib")
(source-library "."))

Everthing worked fine for the project that I had to tar up.  Then I
tried to open the project where the common subcircuits were previously
stored, and there I could not descend into the sub-schematic with H-d.
Worse, gsch2pcb did not find the source= schematics either and deleted
all the included components from the layout.

It took a while to figure out what was different between the project
where everything worked, and there it did not work: 

There where backup~ and #autosave# files left in the direcory for the
.sch file that were moved.  After removing the backup~ and #autosave#
files of the moved files everything works as expected.


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