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gEDA-user: pcb bug: footprint reference point diamond drawn at wrong size

The diamond that is displayed to indicate the reference point of each
footprint is being drawn at the wrong size depending on the "copper
diameter" of a pin in my footprint.

Attached is a footprint that shows the problem.

When you are dragging the footprint, the wireframe shows the diamond at
a reasonable size.  However, when not dragging, the diamond is very
tiny and you have to zoom in a lot to see it at all.

The diamond varies in size as I change the "copper diameter" in the
footprint for the two pins (actually holes for plastic retention
pegs).  Set the copper diameter from 0.02mm to ~1.00mm and the diamond
looks more reasonable.

It occurs on PCB git HEAD and also on pcb+gl and pcb+gl_experimental.
It also occurs with ./configure --disable-gl.


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