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Re: gEDA-user: Solving the light/heavy symbol problem

> I'm hoping for  "a better way for them to do the work" or even, "machine
> does most of the work" Teach them to fish and all that.

Teach them to fish, yes, but make them figure out how to make a
fishing pole from scratch?  *I* might like that, but most users

Hence the "it should be easy" part.

> (if I only knew how to make it so).

That's the problem, yes.  We can all come up with great ideas, but
someone has to be able to turn them into reality.

> Yes, this too. I've naively wished a thousand times or more for a
> machine that could take as its input a pdf datasheet, and produce as
> its output, symbols and footprints in some magically standardized
> format.

My twopad and dilpad CGIs were designed for this, sort of.  You fill
in whatever parameters the datasheet decided to give you, it generates
a suitable footprint.

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