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Re: gEDA-user: Solving the light/heavy symbol problem

> It would be great if you could now implement this approach as a
> prototype for everybody to evaluate.

I think we're still in the "what do we want to do" phase :-)

Some time this weekend, I'll re-read the thread and see which ideas we
seem to have come to a consensus on, and see what if any parts of the
"plan" can already be done.  Then we can start talking about how to
get the rest done.

For example, I think we all like the idea of a heavy "starter"
library, that's known to at least produce usable results with minimal
effort.  However, the proponents of that idea can already do this with
no dependencies on software changes - just upload it to gedasymbols.
I might do one myself.

But we also seem to be converging an a need for multiple library
management, including non-local libraries, which will require some
nontrivial coding effort in many of the tools, so we shouldn't suggest
starting on that just yet.

I don't think we've come to a consensus on how to ease the
heavyification step yet, though, which may require a great deal of
coding and redesign.

If we have come to a consensus on "what do we want to do" the next
step would be to figure out the coding needed and get people to start
on prototypes.  Perhaps we'll end up with the horrible problem of
having to choose between two excellent implementations :-)

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