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Re: gEDA-user: cvs.gedasymbols.org and gschem

> karl@xxxxxxxxxxx (Karl Hammar) writes:
> > [about code that enables recursion in component-library-search]
> Nack, for a number of reasons.
> 1) GRegex was introduced in GLib 2.14, and during the 1.7.x cycle we are
> targetting GLib 2.12 or later.
> 2) This is an absolutely *textbook* example of the sort of thing that's
> more cleanly done using Scheme (Guile has all of the necessary
> functionality in the standard library).
> 3) I strongly recommend *not* using component-library-search because it
> gives you no control over the precedence ordering of libraries when
> searching for a symbol name match -- you're entirely at the mercy of the
> order in which the filesystem decides to give the directories to
> you. Even when that happens to be in alphabetical order, it's rarely
> what you actually want.  Having it implemented in C as a core part of
> libgeda functionality seems to me to send the incorrect message that
> using it is a good idea.
> I've been thinking of nuking g_rc_component_library_search() and
> reimplementing it as a Scheme extension, and I would gladly accept a
> patch that does this.


I'm not fluent in scheme and I'm rather busy this week. Perhaps someone
else will beat me to it.


Now, I did this as a test case of what can be done a relatively little
effort and in the same time somehow integrate gedasymbols with gschem.

Do you have any comment on the functionality which the screen dump hints
you at?

/Karl Hammar

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