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Re: gEDA-user: Gerber magic numbers

On Sun, May 22, 2011 at 03:00:35PM -0700, Andrew Poelstra wrote:
> I am cleaning up the unit handling for the gerber
> exporter, using the guide at
> http://www.linux-cae.net/PCB/rs274xrevd_e.pdf
> Things are mostly straightforward, but I am lost
> as to the /10 factors in
> /* These are for drills */
> #define gerberDrX(pcb, x) ((long) ((x)/10))
> #define gerberDrY(pcb, y) ((long) (((pcb)->MaxHeight - (y)))/10)
> Why are the drill numbers divided by 10, and why are
> they output with leading zeroes?...

The reason for this seems to be that drill layers are
output in their own format in .cnc files, which use
different units than the .gbr (and do not terminate
their lines with *).

What is the format of these files?

Andrew Poelstra
Email: asp11 at sfu.ca OR apoelstra at wpsoftware.net
Web:   http://www.wpsoftware.net/andrew/

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